Aaron Moffatt

Aaron Moffatt is a VR software engineer, cinematographer, nature documentary filmmaker, writer, and violinist.

His 12 years as a software engineer have taken him through fields as diverse as embedded systems programming, physics simulation, data visualization, UX, machine learning, and biotech software architecture.


Aaron studied musical performance and is a renowned theatre and orchestral violinist. His solo repertoire spans some of the great classical violin concertos, as well as improvised works.


As a documentary film maker, Aaron worked for 4 years to shoot and produce KLAMATH (ksfilm.org/watch), a feature film exploring “the Galapagos of North America,” a little-know-to-the-public but scientifically treasured mountain range in the western United States.


With AIR Studio, Aaron’s diverse background allows him to create software interweaving science, visual arts and music. He aims to use technology as a tool to connect people with each other and to our planet. He is designing AIR Studio as a new medium with the storytelling opportunities of film, but the tools to immerse an audience in new unexplored worlds. From experiences rooted in the microcosm beneath a forest floor, to the unseen depths of a coral reef, Aaron views VR+AR as a space to blur the lines between interactive experience, science, and the arts.