Andrew Suttar

Before becoming a bubbleologist at age 16, Andrew Suttar, was like any other high school student. He wondered if what he and his friends were learning in school would ever actually be useful in real life.  Then, a project on soap bubbles for a national science fair competition changed everything.  What Andrew learned from studying bubbles forever changed the way he understood himself and the world around him. Fast-forward 24 years, now 40 Andrew is a visionary educator, bubble entrepreneur, STEAM specialist and comic entertainer.  Whilst Andrew’s day job is running his soap bubble company as CEO, his passion is Bubbleosophy.  It turns out Andrew’s Bubbleosophy is perfect for solving problems in VR, AR and the analogue world of everyday life.  If you get overwhelmed by anything or everything and would love a simple, elegant, kid-friendly model for understanding the relationship between the learner and their own little bubble world, check out Andrew’s presentation at ImmersED 2018.