Dumeetha Luthra

Dumeetha Luthra is a producer and director.  She has created work for a variety of companies from media giants to craft liquors.  Her recent clients include the World Bank and the BBC.  She has won several awards from her documentaries and news coverage.  She’s also had some adventures along the way including hitchhiking from Iran into Iraq to get a story and taking a convoy of 30 horses over the mountains of Afghanistan.  For years she travelled around the world covering conflicts and disasters, but she eventually decided it was time to take off her flak jacket.  Now she wears two hats: 1.) Video content for clients as big as the World Bank and as small as independent craft Liquor makers,  and 2.) Founder of a start up that uses VR animations to teach kids mindfulness called Take-Pause.  The beta is being tested in one hospital, and other hospitals studies are in the works.