Miles Harvey

Dr. Harvey is an educator, gamer, and researcher from the University of New Mexico studying media literacy and game-based learning. He’s a K-12 Language Arts and Media Literacy educator in Albuquerque, New Mexico and recipient of three consecutive Teacher of the Year awards at his middle school. He also instructs classes at the Central New Mexico Community College. Miles’ research interests focus on how students transact with video games as literature. He believes technologies like virtual and augmented realities are new lenses that give readers the ability to get into the minds of characters in new ways that traditional print-based literacies cannot. His dissertation study focused on AAA video games and virtual reality as literature in his own class for twenty-five straight days. Miles works with teacher preparation programs to give future educators the tools and understanding necessary to understand, facilitate, and leverage virtual and augmented realities into their instruction. He sees a bright and interesting future for classroom learning that challenges the current paradigm of educational thought.