Bob Crockett


In 2012, Dr. Crockett co-founded HaptX with Jake Rubin, who had a vision to develop a technology enabling the virtual world to be indistinguishable from real life. Dr. Crockett, a professor and the Chair of the Biomedical Engineering Department at Cal Poly, brought over 25 years’ experience in systems engineering to the nascent company. He now guides HaptX’s hardware development and future-looking initiatives, helping the company move ever closer toward realizing its ambition of full-body immersion. Prior to joining HaptX, Dr. Crockett was founder and President of Xeragen, Inc., a biotech startup, and was employed by the McDonnell Douglas Space Systems Company, where he was a lead engineer and Principal Investigator on projects to develop technology evolution plans for the International Space Station.

Marni Campbell


Marni Campbell has been a Middle School and High School principal and assistant principal, an English Teacher, and a central office leader in Seattle and Highline Public Schools. She had the unusual opportunity to be the principal of her own three children in Middle School and High School in Seattle. 

She has degrees in English, Philosophy, and Education from Harvard, Brigham Young University, and the University of Washington, and is currently a doctoral student in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Washington. Principal Campbell loves everything about schools, and has most recently opened a new Middle School, Robert Eagle Staff MS, in Seattle.  It is a student-centered, dynamic, creative 21st century school where ALL students thrive.

Hall Davidson

Hall Davidson has worked from think tanks in Turkey to classrooms in Tennessee. A former secondary bilingual math teacher,  he left the classroom to become part of an Emmy-winning team, creating math and technology integration programs. He has worked with ministries, school districts, and industries across the world. He has become a leading guru of virtual environments, learning with mobile devices, artificial intelligence, and digital textbooks. He serves on the board of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and as Global Learning Initiative Senior Director for Discovery Education. He has monitored the work of thousands of students through his long-term leadership of the California Student Media Festival. He has keynoted major education conferences around the world. His son now teaches in Los Angeles.

Azine Davoudzadeh

Azine is a dynamic teacher and innovation leader, bringing together VR and education. She is the founder of EdTechConnect and XRedu, bringing the power of innovative technology into the classroom, helping students and teachers achieve their goals. Through events, workshops, and fundraisers she frontiers bridging the gap between school districts and the latest technology. Her research includes improving learning outcomes through XR tools and increasing girls interest in STEM careers. 




Marco DeMiroz

Marco is the co-founder and a general partner of The Venture Reality Fund (The VR Fund), where he oversees the company’s investments in early-stage virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) startups. He has extensive experience in executive roles with leading technology companies and in global investments. For more than ten years Marco has focused on strategic investments across media, entertainment, lifestyle, sports and technology with firms most recently with Evolution Media Capital (Evolution), where he led its investment in JauntVR. In addition to his role at The VR Fund, Marco actively advises numerous media and technology companies in the VR and AR sectors and has been collaborating in the formation of the Women in XR/WXR Fund.

Prior to joining Evolution, he served as president and chief executive officer of the leading mobile game studio, PlayFirst, which he sold to Glu Mobile (NASDAQ: GLUU) in 2014. Marco’s previous exec roles included president and chief executive officer of Racktivity, and chief financial officer of General Magic, where he managed its Initial Public Offering raising over $100 million, and worked alongside some of the most talented engineers and visionaries in Silicon Valley’s history developing intelligent communications devices and technologies that were essential to today’s smartphones, online communication and commerce.


Marco holds a Master of Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University; a postgraduate Engineer degree in aeronautics and astronautics from Stanford University; a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from San Jose State University; and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the United States Naval Postgraduate School. His postgraduate studies and research at NASA focused on mathematical modeling and digital control of helicopters, drones, and robotics.

Thomas Furness

Known as the Grandfather of Virtual Reality, Dr. Thomas Furness is an American inventor and virtual reality pioneer based in Seattle, Washington.  Furness is a professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Washington.  He is the founder of the Human Interface Technology Lab at the University of Washington, as well as its sister labs at the University of Canterbury and University of Tasmania.  Since the 1960's, his career has been about how to achieve radical innovation through helping others to “see anew.”  In inspiring a paradigm shift in thinking about the virtuality continuum, his work and global network of labs has shifted the thinking from being about function to purpose; perception to performance; from capabilities to possibilities. 


Furness recently received the first-ever lifetime achievement award for his 50 years service in the fields of virtual and augmented reality from the Augment World Expo in Santa Clara, California.  In addition to being a professor at the University of Washington, he is also the general manager and owner of the RATLab, an engineering research and development company.

Diego González-Zúñiga

Diego González-Zúñiga (aka diekus) is a Costa Rican national working for Samsung in the United Kingdom as a Developer Advocate. He's been playing around with the idea of spatial UIs for some years now, starting with his PhD studies in Spain, all the way to his focus on VR nowadays – especially VR on the Web (WebXR). His main endeavour is to bridge tech and other fields like fashion, arts, tourism and archaeology to bring VR to people that never saw themselves as technologists/VR creators. He enjoys gadgets, videogames, kittens, goats, iguanas and travelling in his free (or work) time. You can keep up to date with his work at diekus.net

Leah Hanes

Dr. Leah Hanes brings a unique set of professional and personal experiences to her role as Executive Director at Two Bit Circus Foundation.  Beginning her career in Toronto, Leah produced and hosted an award-winning television series-profiling woman in non-traditional roles.  This led her to Los Angeles, where she appeared on-camera conducting interviews and hosting a variety of programs covering environmental issues, business and politics.

She eventually segued into other areas of the entertainment industry, notably as the President of a boutique talent agency representing Academy Award-winning cinematographers, editors and production designers. She also spent several years owning and running an acting school for children and teens, during a period she describes as her “empty nest” adjustment.

Her early life on a farm in Canada nurtured a strong sense of environmental stewardship while her first college experience was in Early Childhood Education, illuminating a solid direction to follow in her recent academic endeavors. Dr. Hanes holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management as well as a Ph.D. from Antioch University’s Graduate School for Leadership and Change.

All of these variables led to a confluence of skills and knowledge that fit perfectly into the Two Bit Circus Foundation ecosystem. When she’s not spreading the STEAM word across the country and around the globe, she loves spending time with her grandchildren.

Miles Harvey

Dr. Harvey is an educator, gamer, and researcher from the University of New Mexico studying media literacy and game-based learning.  He’s a K-12 Language Arts and Media Literacy educator in Albuquerque, New Mexico and recipient of three consecutive Teacher of the Year awards at his middle school.  He also instructs classes at the Central New Mexico Community College.  Miles’ research interests focus on how students transact with video games as literature.  He believes technologies like virtual and augmented realities are new lenses that give readers the ability to get into the minds of characters in new ways that traditional print-based literacies cannot.  His dissertation study focused on AAA video games and virtual reality as literature in his own class for twenty-five straight days.  Miles works with teacher preparation programs to give future educators the tools and understanding necessary to understand, facilitate, and leverage virtual and augmented realities into their instruction.  He sees a bright and interesting future for classroom learning that challenges the current paradigm of educational thought.

Dumeetha Luthra

Dumeetha Luthra is a producer and director.  She has created work for a variety of companies from media giants to craft liquors.  Her recent clients include the World Bank and the BBC.  She has won several awards from her documentaries and news coverage.  She’s also had some adventures along the way including hitchhiking from Iran into Iraq to get a story and taking a convoy of 30 horses over the mountains of Afghanistan.  For years she travelled around the world covering conflicts and disasters, but she eventually decided it was time to take off her flak jacket.  Now she wears two hats: 1.) Video content for clients as big as the World Bank and as small as independent craft Liquor makers,  and 2.) Founder of a start up that uses VR animations to teach kids mindfulness called Take-Pause.  The beta is being tested in one hospital, and other hospitals studies are in the works.

Drew Minock

Drew is the Internal Communication Manager for the world’s leading augmented reality developer, DAQRI, where he leads and establishes an internal corporate communications strategy that empowers DAQRI employees with valuable information, allowing them to make decisions to achieve personal and company goals. 
Drew is a global education evangelist and rising star in the world of educational technology and motivational speaking. He is also the Co-Founder of the internationally popular education blog Two Guys and Some iPads and AR Detroit; a local augmented reality meetup. Minock’s award-winning blog www.twoguysandsomeipads.com has quickly become popular worldwide, reaching 700,000 visits from around the world to date! Drew has also co-launched the iTunes News and Noteworthy education podcast “The Two Guys Show” to inspire educators to reach new heights.  

Drew also serves as an International Education Evangelist and Keynote Speaker for Best-Keynote.com, the first-rate coalition of speakers and consultants fully dedicated to moving the world of education to positive, new directions.  

Drew has held several roles since joining DAQRI in 2014, spanning from 4D Education Evangelist to Education Program Manager for the communications team. He continues to help educate the public about augmented reality and involve the world in DAQRI’s mission “redefine what is humanly possible.”  

Drew was the recipient of 2016 Eastern Michigan University Outstanding Young Alumni Award and 2015 Forbes 30 Under 30 Education Nominee. 


Aaron Moffatt

Aaron Moffatt is a VR software engineer, cinematographer, nature documentary filmmaker, writer, and violinist.


His 12 years as a software engineer have taken him through fields as diverse as embedded systems programming, physics simulation, data visualization, UX, machine learning, and biotech software architecture.


Aaron studied musical performance and is a renowned theatre and orchestral violinist. His solo repertoire spans some of the great classical violin concertos, as well as improvised works.


As a documentary film maker, Aaron worked for 4 years to shoot and produce KLAMATH (ksfilm.org/watch), a feature film exploring “the Galapagos of North America,” a little-know-to-the-public but scientifically treasured mountain range in the western United States.


With AIR Studio, Aaron’s diverse background allows him to create software interweaving science, visual arts and music. He aims to use technology as a tool to connect people with each other and to our planet. He is designing AIR Studio as a new medium with the storytelling opportunities of film, but the tools to immerse an audience in new unexplored worlds. From experiences rooted in the microcosm beneath a forest floor, to the unseen depths of a coral reef, Aaron views VR+AR as a space to blur the lines between interactive experience, science, and the arts.

Jacki Morie

Dr. Jacquelyn Ford Morie is widely known for using technology such as Virtual Reality to deliver meaningful experiences that enrich people’s lives. Starting in 1990, she developed multi-sensory, perceptual techniques for VR that predictably elicit emotional responses from participants, for example inventing a scent collar that can deliver scents to a participant within an immersive experience.  She is active in developing virtual worlds for social connectivity and through her company All These Worlds, LLC, has been bringing her techniques to such worlds for Mindfulness applications, storytelling and stress relief for veterans and soldiers. Along with SIFT (Smart Information Flow Technologies), she created a virtual world ecosystem called ANSIBLE for NASA designed to provide psychological benefits for future astronauts who will undertake extremely long isolated missions to Mars.  ANSIBLE was tested in an analog facility called HISEAS in Hawaii, where a team of six scientists was sequestered for a full year to simulate the conditions of isolation on Mars, including long communications delays. Dr. Morie’s other research interests include how space, identity and play in virtual worlds can positively affect our human nature, and she has presented this work at conferences worldwide. She currently serves as VP of Education for Upload, creating educational opportunities for the next generation of immersive content creators.

Amy Peck​

Amy Peck is the founder & CEO of EndeavorVR, a leading global VR/AR strategy & consulting firm, co-founder of BoundlessXR, a simulation & training platform, and consults with UploadVR on Enterprise Strategy. 

Amy is a recognized thought-leader in the VR/AR space and speaks globally on the topic. She has deep connections within the industry and has worked with Fortune 500 companies, Digital Media/Production Companies and Tech Startups on XR strategy, content, development, product and GTM. She is adept at communicating the value of this technology from a rudimentary level to the most high level concepts.

Amy is on the Board of Advisors for several companies:
Geo.Network, a volumetric geospatial control platform
RunSphere, a VR Educational platform
IMEX Media, a VR music discovery, creation and sharing platform
ModernShift.com, a lifestyle brand

Amy is a mentor at UploadVR, Draper University and WXR Fund and is an active member of several organizations including Women in Tech, Women in AR/VR and Sheryl Sandberg's LeanIn Circles.

Amy is also a member of The VRARA Digital Healthcare Committee and Co-chairs The VRARA Enterprise Committee.

Amy was first exposed to VR and more specifically, Second Life, when she produced music videos and commercials for some of the top directors and ad agencies. She was one of the few producers who took projects from live action all the way through post-production and VFX. 

Amy's true passion for virtual reality emerged at Leap Motion where she launched the Enterprise division working with clients across every major vertical including healthcare, entertainment, retail, hospitality, education and government. 

She helped these clients adopt VR & AR for both internal process and consumer-facing initiatives, storytelling constructs and serious games. She often brought together teams of talented content creators, designers, developers and platform partners to bring these solutions to fruition. 

It became clear that there was a need to help foster AR/VR development in the commercial arena and more importantly, shepherd these critical early wins. EndeavorVR was conceived for this very purpose.

Amy’s forte is distilling complex technologies into meaningful solutions across many verticals, assessing client needs and delivering strategy and resources. 

Her own personal mission is to see VR/AR fundamentally improve every aspect of our lives. 

James Riggall

James is a Tasmanian entrepreneur who found his start as a teacher at the Human Interface Technology Laboratory (HITLab) in Tasmania. During his time at the HITLab, James taught courses in virtual reality, augmented reality, entrepreneurship and videogame design.  In 2012, James left the HITLab to establish Bitlink, a technology company that is also actively involved in a range of education projects (from after-school programs for children to training for teachers and principals).  Alongside, Bitlink, James is also one of the key people behind the Battery Shed, a hackerspace attached to the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery.  James is also actively involved in the startup scene in Tasmania.  He was the president of Startup Tasmania for a number of years, as well as being one of the founders of Enterprize, a network of startup incubators for early-stage companies in Tasmania.  James is currently living and working in Bellevue as a Fulbright Scholar in Residence at Bellevue College, where he is teaching virtual reality and augmented reality to students across the United States and Australia.


Andrew Suttar

Before becoming a bubbleologist at age 16, Andrew Suttar, was like any other high school student. He wondered if what he and his friends were learning in school would ever actually be useful in real life.  Then, a project on soap bubbles for a national science fair competition changed everything.  What Andrew learned from studying bubbles forever changed the way he understood himself and the world around him. Fast-forward 24 years, now 40 Andrew is a visionary educator, bubble entrepreneur, STEAM specialist and comic entertainer.  Whilst Andrew’s day job is running his soap bubble company as CEO, his passion is Bubbleosophy.  It turns out Andrew’s Bubbleosophy is perfect for solving problems in VR, AR and the analogue world of everyday life.  If you get overwhelmed by anything or everything and would love a simple, elegant, kid-friendly model for understanding the relationship between the learner and their own little bubble world, check out Andrew’s presentation at ImmersED 2018.

Carlos Velazquez


A 3D laser scanning expert, Carlos Velazquez, has grown Epic Scan from an idea to a premier 3D service provider in the architectural, engineering and construction industries. Carlos has developed and implemented laser scanning systems, since 1999, on hundreds of projects across the world including National Geographic and the National Science Foundation.


Carlos, a graduate of Oregon State University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, served as Chair of the U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) Standards Committee, the first organization to focus solely on supporting the Building Documentation industry within the United States.


A native Oregonian, Carlos loves to be outdoors with his family. His favorite activity is taking road trips across states in the family RV.